From Hustle & Burnout to Balanced & Breezy

You know that daily remedy to preventing burnout you’ve been searching for? The one that still allows you to pursure your dreams at full force? Well let’s just say your wish has been granted…
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Does this sound familiar?

“I’m exhausted from years of hustling in my career and constantly feeling burned out…”

“I’ve been searching, to no avail, for a way to create more balance in my life while still pursuing my dreams…”

“I’m beyond ready to kiss the burnout cycle goodbye and welcome a life of ease and balance…”

If you found yourself nodding to the above then my program From Hustle & Burnout to Balanced & Breezy is perfect for you!

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What does style have to do with burnout?

The answer: expressing our style gives us the opportunity to express our feminine energy. Therefore balancing out masculine energy.

Now don’t run away! I get it the first time I heard the terms feminine and masculine energy I imagined it was a belief that all women should be meek and submissive and men should be domineering and aggressive. I wanted to run away at that thought too.

But, feminine and masculine energy have nothing to do with gender. They are beautiful forms of expression that when we lean into them equally we create balance and fulfillment in our life.

Feminine energy: creativity, intuition, emotion, body, receptivity, wide focus, fluidity, and rest.

Masculine energy: logic, cognition, spirit, penetration, singular focus, structure, and action.

When you are a hard worker with lofty goals you spend a lot of time in your masculine energy hustling, thinking, grinding, and making things happen.

When you lean into your feminine energy just as much as your masculine you become receptive to solutions, opportunities, and people who can help you reach the big career and financial goals you have for yourself. The feminine energy is just as powerful as the masculine.

It is through expressing your emotions, creativity, intuition, resting, and all those other archetypes you open yourself up to getting those million-dollar ideas you have been trying to find through your hustle. This is why you get brilliant ideas when you are working out, walking, cooking, or shopping. Your feminine energy is activated during these activities so you are receptive to ideas.

If you only spend time in your masculine energy you might see some success but you are likely to stay stuck and burned out.

It gets exhausting quickly if you don’t have a way to lean into your feminine energy on a daily basis.

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You need feminine and masculine energy habits every day to balance out your life.

Taking the time to create your style and express it allows you to actively lean into your feminine energy on a daily basis. It will give you the balance you have been craving.

You’ll be exercising your feminine energy. Feminine energy is about doing what makes you feel good about yourself. It gives you confidence and allows you to stand in your power. When you feel good in what you are wearing you open yourself up to receiving the guidance you need to reach your dreams.

Think about how you feel when you roll out of bed and throw on your ratty old sweats with hair a mess? Now there is nothing wrong with this itself. But are you ready to receive a compliment when you look this way?

Think about how you feel when you like what you are wearing. You stand taller. You walk prouder. You are more confident in talking with others. You are in a receiving mode.

By taking the time to discover your style and express it you will be getting in touch with your intuition, emotions, body, receptiveness, ability to focus on the big picture, fluidity, and let your mind rest. As a result, your abilities for logic, cognition, spirit, penetrating the business sector, focusing on a single problem, and ability to take action will all improve.

This program will help you…

Get back your career gusto: That drive and passion you had at the beginning of your professional journey will be restored. You will feel more grounded and refreshed during the workday. You’ll become a greater asset to your field since your creativity will be flowing and you’ll be more receptive to others’ input.

Let dating feel like fun and not a second job: With the pressure of the hustle and self-doubts in your professional life evaporating you’ll feel free to enjoy the company of a date. Each moment of dating won’t feel so high stakes anymore since you will be focused on the bigger picture. Your confidence will be elevated too since you will know how to fabulously dress yourself.

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Save time, money, and energy: By being more in balance you’ll be more well-rested. You’ll be more grounded in the present moment and able to listen to your intuition when it comes to making choices in how you spend your time and what money you invest. You will have clarity instead of anxiety in designing the life you want.

Enjoy your time with loved ones more: What creates the strongest bonds? Well, emotional connection of course! When we are active in our feminine energy we are in touch with our emotions and comfortable in our vulnerability. Your relationships will get better.

Why I do this work

I created the From Hustle & Burnout to Balanced & Breezy program when I realized that so many hardworking young professional women were struggling to achieve their dreams while living a balanced life. They would try to look for answers in things like blog articles about how to climb the career ladder without stress or watching Youtube videos on new methods for being more productive but they only find themselves more exhausted than before. Through embarking on my own journey to find balance and developing my own style I found a way to actively keep myself from falling into burnout.

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How these methods have positively impacted my life:

First of all, you could say I’m an unofficial burnout professional. I have much experience, to say the least…

Growing up I struggled to believe in myself. I spent much time looking to the outside to find myself instead of looking within.

As a professional musical theatre actress, I began to overwork myself with every opportunity I got and overthink every situation. My self-doubts, overworking myself, all combined with fears of never reaching my career and financial dreams began to manifest themselves in cycles of burnout.

I was getting up at the crack of dawn for auditions and working on my repertoire until late at night. I was barely making time for self-care and socializing. And as a result every few weeks I would fall apart.

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January 2020: This was me on my first day of 2020 getting back to auditions after the holidays. On the outside trying to look like I was cool and confident. On the inside already feeling worn out and already wanting a break.

I would get increasingly fatigued, the quality of the work I was doing would suffer, and the amount of work I would be able to get done would shrink. At this point, I would start getting angry at myself and irritable. Feeling upset at myself I would unconsciously isolate myself and start pushing even harder until I broke down. I broke down so much to the point I could literally do nothing. I was so emotionally spent.

Then I would have to take time away from my goals to recover. I would finally rest because there was nothing else I could do. Feeling better I’d get back to work. But then… the self-doubts and guilt would set it. I would feel ashamed for taking all that time away and decided I needed to work harder to make up for the lost time.

And just as you may have guessed the burnout cycle started all over again. I knew I needed to figure out something I could do every day to keep myself balanced.

As each burnout got increasingly worse I knew something had to change! I made a plan to find a way to have a balance on a daily basis.

I was conflicted though. I had some lofty career goals. I was scared that engaging in self-care activities would force me to take time away from pursuing my dreams.

This is when I realized that moving into my feminine energy through developing my style was my saving grace!

I realized making my personal style my passion would not take away from my dreams since I needed to get dressed every day. In fact, I realized style would positively add to my life.

As a result, my auditions as an actress improved and I started seeing more success in my career. I rediscovered my confidence in dating. I began finding it easy to make time for self-care and socializing. And best of all it was like I unlocked this piece of me I was trying to find for the longest time. I found myself as well as my enjoyment in my life and career.

This program teaches you how to develop your style and express it on a daily basis so you can get off the burnout roller coaster and land peacefully in blissful balance

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You’ll learn how to…

  • find your best colors. No more “does this color look good on me?” And more “I know and love how fab I look in this color.” The confidence gained from knowing your best colors is priceless. Plus you’ll be able to rest your mind when you are clothes shopping. You won’t need to agonize over whether the blue or yellow dress is best for you.
  • dress for your body type. When we know how to dress our body type we are able to get intuned and honor our body. This is a major pillar of feminine energy. This skill arms you with the tools to pick the best silhouettes for your figure. You’ll know how to highlight and minimize what you prefer. Just imagine how good you will feel walking into your next date after learning this skill.
  • discover your own unique style. When we let our creativity flow and express our personality through our style we are in our feminine energy. Wearing things that make us feel good and work for our lifestyle lets us shine in every aspect of our lives.
  • edit your wardrobe. With an organized and optimized wardrobe, we remove the stress of picking out an outfit that makes us look and feel stellar. When we edit our closet we exercise our ability to focus on a bigger picture and strengthen our ability to focus on a narrow subject.
  • mix and match patterns. There is so much fun in the playfulness of playing with patterns and colors in style. Knowing the joy of this style trick will allow you to strengthen your problem-solving skills.
  • build a capsule wardrobe. By having a capsule wardrobe you are able to flow smoothly from getting ready for the day to work. Nothing halts our ability to be our best in achieving our goals like stress. Having a capsule wardrobe takes the work out of getting ready for work.
  • enjoy shopping. Shopping itself is a great way to express your feminine energy. It employs so many feminine energy traits. When you shop you are expressing creativity, fluidity, and intuition. Knowing the shopping skills of a professional personal stylist will make the process more enjoyable. You’ll be able to relax and know how to invest your time and money where it counts and save it where it doesn’t.

Love from past clients:

Working with a personal stylist

Bailey M.

From showing up how they want to showing up how she wants

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I hired Janice, but she wound up being a MAJOR help in more ways than 1! Not only was I able to easily purge old clothes that I don’t wear or don’t fit me, but she also helped me learn more about my own body type and what works for me. My closet looks so free! I never even realized the things that I’m not wearing or the types of clothes that compliment me! Janice delved deep into what I’m looking for with my style and helped me get to the true crux of what I wanted. I never would have been able to do that on my own. I was wearing/buying clothes that aren’t really my ideal style type. Most helpful of all is that she used the clothes I had to create adorable outfits/styles that I wouldn’t have come up with on my own. I have a small list of things that she helped me think of to fill gaps in my wardrobe. Once I get those, I will be so much more confident in my ability to put an outfit together. Janice was super professional and very respectful of my feelings (I have emotional attachments to things). She asked for my feelings and opinions FIRST before providing her own which made me feel more comfortable working with her. She’s sweet and down to earth which makes this personal experience so much better than any other out there. Thanks Janice!!!”

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Eileen C.

From chaotic and unsure to focused and chic

“Janice is a delight to work with. I was short on time and wanted to get an outfit for a formal wedding quickly, she came with a shopping plan and was able to walk around the store and assess what would look good on me before I even tried things on so I didn’t waste my time trying things that wouldn’t work! We found the perfect outfit in just one hours time! She is punctual, has great communication and totally got what I was looking for. She has such a great way of helping you find looks that work great for your personal style. I highly recommend her.”

work with a personal stylist

Kristiana M.

From an overwhelming amount of options to a curated selection that deserves her

“I absolutely loved working with Janice. She helped me organize and reimagine my closet. We threw out the things that weren’t working for me and restyled the things that did work for me. She quickly measured me and matched my colors and within ten minutes we had a style sentence that reflected my personality and style, we knew what worked best for my body, and what colors would look best on me! Which is such a huge help! And then we went to work!

Not only did I receive top notch advice, Janice is kind, caring, quick and super fun! And that’s what you need when you are looking through your clothes that you are attached to! You need that girlfriend who can say to your clothes what you can say to your hinge dates, “We can do better.” It was so empowering! And I was left with a closet that I’m totally excited about! One that reflects my personality AND works best for me and my body!
Btw, I’m still using that style sentence or slogan we came up with every time I get dressed. Thank you so much for the help!”

How is this course set up?

After your purchase, you will receive access to the e-platform where the course materials are housed and the online support group. The best part is there is no time limit! This program is lifetime access. It truly is designed for the hard-working woman to go at her own pace.

New Program BONUS! (Limited offer!)

As a special launch bonus, you will receive four 45-minute one-on-one Q&A sessions. These sessions are an amazing opportunity to chat about your progress in the program and ask any style questions you might have.

Don’t sit on this offer! There is a limited number of seats available for this bonus. Once they are gone… they are gone!

The value of this bonus is $500!

Your investment

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8 Style Modules – teaching you how to develop your own style so you can express your feminine energy and break the burnout cycle ($2000 value)

New Program Bonus – 4 one-on-one Q&A sessions so can get the personalized advice you need and expedite your freedom from burnout ($500 value)

Support Community Group – join a supportive community of women who are on the same journey as you. They will be there to cheer you on through the ups and downs ($Priceless value)

From From Hustle & Burnout to Balanced & Breezy is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. It is yours for the investment of $999!

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This program is not for you if…

  • you don’t think you can break the burnout cycle
  • you believe personal style is just for out of touch wealthy
  • you don’t believe in the value of investing in yourself
  • you’re not ready to invest time in your wellbeing
  • living a balanced life isn’t a goal for you

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