Investing in Yourself is Key in Preventing Burnout

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This past weekend’s trip was exactly the reminder I needed.

Before last weekend I was feeling burnout and a break from routine was the thing I didn’t even realize I needed before the trip.

Having a weekend of fun and rest away from the city was what I needed to reset. Since getting back I have felt lighter, happier, more productive, motivated, and creative. All things that I felt blocked from last week.

What this experience reminded me was that investing in a vacation is an investment in yourself, an investment towards achieving your dreams, and an investment in preventing burnout.

To be honest I didn’t use to always see spending the time and money to go on a vacation as an investment in myself, and certainly not my dreams. I saw money as a limited resource. Something that I could never have enough of to be okay. I had this deep underlying that could be taken away at any point for no reason. I would feel guilty for spending money on my joy instead of on my career dreams.

This mindset caused me a lot of burnout in the past. I used to be all work, work, work. And no fun. I was completely ignoring my feminine energy. I was ignoring my need for rest, play, and joy because I was scared to spend money on what I felt wasn’t something directly towards my dreams.

What I have learned, and am still learning, is that money is a renewable resource. When we see money like this we open ourselves up to receive more. If we are investing in things that bring us joy and make us feel good then we are in the mindset we need to do all the things we need to reach our dreams. 

If you are only investing money in your career dreams or required personal spending you are only investing in one part of you. Now, these are important things to invest in. But you are ignoring a VERY important part of you.

You might be saying “but Janice I don’t have the money to invest in that part of myself.” I understand the sentiment. I certainly don’t believe that investments should be made without thought and planning.

But I ask you this…. how much is burnout costing you?

Think about it. You invest everything into your dreams and just spend what is necessary on yourself. You work, work, work. Then you burnout. What is that burnout costing you?

Are you having to take a couple of days off work to recover? 
Does missing work mean less pay?
Does this mean a loss in a dream promotion or opportunity?

Investing in your rest and joy is vital in preventing burnout! I can’t stress this enough. 

Now you might be wondering where to start investing in yourself. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Invest in breaking out of your routine:
    • This helps you take a reset from the grind you put yourself through.
    • Things like going on a vacation, taking yourself on a solo date once a week, doing an adventure day in your area where you spend the day only doing things you have never done.
  • Invest in your mindset:
    • To stay on top of staying burnout free nurturing your mindset needs to be a part of your daily routine.
    • Things like therapy, online courses, books, podcasts, etc.
  • Invest in nurturing your personal style:
    • Exercising your style every day helps create balance in your life. And makes you more receptive to the solutions, opportunities, and people that can help you get to the next level.
    • Things like shopping for a new outfit, buying things to organize your closet and dresser, hiring a personal stylist, or joining my new course From Hustle & Burnout to Balanced & Breezy (for more details sign up for a free discovery call).