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Wrap (Dress) Your Troubles in Dreams

IMG 20200521 180833

I am usually pretty beat by the end of a photoshoot. Well… that wasn’t the case last week haha!

IMG 20200521 180546

Last week when I had finished what I needed to do I still felt full of energy. I decided to photograph one more outfit. 

I immediately thought of this vintage wrap dress from the 1970’s my Mom got me a couple years ago.

It has become one of my favorites. I love the fun aqua, very 70’s, pattern. And the comfortable material makes the dress hang in a very flattering way.  

It’s become a staple in my audition wardrobe. I usually see wrap dresses as being slightly more mature, polished, and professional. I will often wear it when I go in for a more late 20’s/early 30’s role. I like that this dress has a more grown up cut, but with a fun youthful pattern.

IMG 20200521 180658

When I photographed this the other day I decided I needed to add something bold to balance out the busy pattern on the dress. To keep with the 1970’s vibe I choose my knotted fuschia headband to do this.

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