Everyday 1950’s Look

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It’s no secret that the 1950’s is one of my favorite decades for fashion. Any chance I get to dress in the 50’s style I take advantage of!

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When I got this modern style peach crop top and matching scrunchie I immediately thought it would be fun challenge to try to dress it up in a vintage way.

With summer movies like Gidget and Grease on my mind, I decided to use that as my inspiration. I pulled my hair into a high-to-the-sky Bobby Soxer ponytail, threw on my high waisted white jean capris, and put on my green Chelsea Crew heels.

IMG 20200505 183142

My favorite discovery about this whole look was that I realized all these pieces can be easily interchanged to still achieve a 1950’s everday look.

IMG 20200505 183146

Everyday 1950’s look = (crop top / t-shirt) + (capris / rolled jeans) + (fun colored heel / flat)

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