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Style tips to help eliminate fashion frustration and empower yourself
Style tips

You see it online… the perfect piece… Perhaps a sparkly sequin dress, the jeans of your dreams, or the most lovely coat? It arrives, you try it on, and it fits perfectly! You are filled with that rockstar “I’ve got something new” feeling and happily put it in your closet.

But now what? You’ve got this perfect piece, what do you do?

Does it sit in your closet getting buried further in the back as you continue to reach for your usual and comfortable standby pieces? Are you waiting for that golden perfect occasion to wear this special piece? Maybe you feel a little guilty about this purchase? Or even guilty for having a closet full of things you never wear?

I get it and I have been there. I know the feeling of a closet full of clothes, no idea how to style most of them, and even no clue how to define my own personal style.

I believe that even with just a few simple style tips you can be armed with the confidence to style yourself.

Articles featuring some of my favorite style tips:

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