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Using the Color Wheel – Blue & White Striped Dress

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I will be honest… most of my wardrobe is geared toward spring and summer. Cute brightly colored sundresses make up most of it. I just love dressing for warm weather so much! To challenge my creativity I decided to see if I could style this blue & white striped dress for fall. Thank you to Retro Stage for gifting me this adorable blue & white striped dress!

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Re-use / Re-cycle

I am a big fan of clothing that serves many purposes. Well this dress nails that! In fact it isn’t even a dress. It is a romper with a detachable skirt.

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The first hurdle I faced in making this piece work for fall was the blue and white stripes. Blue and white stripes are synonyms with summer with their nautical feel. I used one of my favorite style hacks to solve this problem.

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The color wheel

Sometimes when I feel stuck I use the color wheel to try to spark my imagination. I see what color is on the opposite side of the wheel. Opposite colors compliment each other.

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Source; Sessions Color Wheel

Opposite of the bright turquoise is burnt orange. I grabbed my vintage suede coat of the same color. I loved how the coat both complimented the stripes and helped justify the summer dress for fall with its autumn color.

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Nostalgic combination with this blue & white striped dress

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Dress + Coat + Flats is a very classic fall outfit. I slipped on my Sarah Flint flats to round out this combo.

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Unintentional Mary Poppins Flare

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Okay so I promise this was not one bit intentional. With the stripes, bows, and coat this ended up being a very Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday outfit. I am so glad my photographer pointed it out. I laughed so hard. Of course I would accidentally come up with a Mary Poppins look!

Source; Pinterest

Dress Details:

Dress/Romper is from Retro Stage.

For 15% off use code JANICE15

Photos by Allie Provost;

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