1950s Prom Dress

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On the day I found my rainbow fringe dress I’m came across the most beautiful princess dress. A light blue 1950s prom dress from Natasha’s Attic

I instantly knew that this would be my birthday photo dress. I only wish I had been there a few hours earlier. The women working said that a few drag queens had been in the store earlier that day all fawning over the dress trying to squeeze into it. I can only imagine how fun that exchange must have been.

Natasha’s Attic is a well-loved costume rental shop in San Jose. Everyone who does theatre in the South Bay Area has at the very least heard of it. Sadly, it is going out of business.

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Natasha’s Attic; Source:

My inspiration

In styling the dress I wanted to go in a 1950’s direction. I searched Pinterest for “1950s prom dress” and found the illustration below.

My eye was drawn to:

  • Caped scarf
  • Blue hair bow
  • Layered pearl bracelets
  • Rose detail
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Styling my 1950s Prom Dress

I pulled my hair into a high half up half down ponytail. I placed a big light blue hair bow on top of my head.

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To mimic the caped scarf I put a white scarf over the front of my neck. Inspired by the rose detail I put one of my Grandmas brooches on the scarf.

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On my wrist I layered a few pearl bracelets of varying sizes.

On my feet I kept it simple with tan peep toe pumps.

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Outfit Details:

Photos by Allie Provost;

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