Rainbow Fringe Dress

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On a warm summer afternoon, when I was last home in California, I took a little trip over to Natasha’s Attic. This is where I found my beloved rainbow fringe dress!

Natasha’s Attic is a well-loved costume rental shop in San Jose. Everyone who does theatre in the South Bay Area has at the very least heard of it. Sadly, it is going out of business.

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Natasha’s Attic; Source:

I decided to pop in and treasure hunt in their rental section. I was immediately drawn to the 1920’s section. When I started pawing through the fringe dresses I knew one would be coming home with me. I have always wanted one!

I tried on a few different colors and just wasn’t feeling it. Then I spotted the rainbow fringe dress… I was SOLD! I purchased it along with a Cinderalla-esque 1950’s prom dress.

When I think “fringe” I usually think “1920s.” Instead I decided to think outside the box and went in the 1960s Go-Go dancer direction for inspiration for this year’s birthday outfit.

Source: Catwalkscats

This photo of a 1960s Guy Laroche cocktail dress served as my inspo. 

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To keep the cost down I purchased a white plastic headband on Amazon. I love her statement earrings, but really couldn’t find anything I really loved to match so I went with a simple pearl. As for my footwear, well I will take any excuse to wear my green Chelsea Crew Shoes!

I really love how this all came together. I liked pushing myself to see a fringe dress from a different perspective. And best of all it made for a super fun and comfortable birthday outfit!

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Rainbow Fringe Dress Outfit Details:

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