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Treat Yo’ Self – PJ Sets

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Mornings to me are like fairytale magic. It is like the start of a golden age Broadway musical, with a sweeping overture, and the sunshine streaming through my windows taking the lead role.

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I grew up in a house with lots of big windows in California. Warm golden sunshine covering the walls from dawn to dusk. 

Living in New York I have really come to value the times of day my apartment gets direct sunlight. With how apartments can be here I feel very blessed to get any at all. I really treasure those first few hours a day where my bedroom gets direct sunlight.

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I really feel like the way your morning goes can have such an impact on the rest of the day. When I am going through a hard time I really try to do what I can to set myself up for a good day. This will include things like cleaning my room before I go to bed, not leaving any dishes in the sink (no dishwasher in this kitten sized New York apartment), and closing the unnecessary windows on my computer and phone. Another thing I love doing is putting on cute pajamas for bed.

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This red and white polka dot set was a gift from my amazing and talented friend Christine. I wore them for a Sabrina the TV Show photoshoot last year. I love waking up, shuffling over to the bathroom, looking in the mirror and seeing myself in these cute and luxurious silk jammies.

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Below are some adorable jammies sets to help you feel a little fancier in the morning.

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