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Why You Should Absolutely Hire a Personal Stylist

Why you should absolutely hire a personal stylist
Hire a personal stylist = upgrade your life.

When I dipped my toe into the personal styling world as I trained with the Fashion Stylist Institute I was blown away by the ways a personal stylist can impact someone’s life. And dare I say, change it.

I see personal stylists as sort of the fashion therapists of the world. I believe anyone could benefit from working with a good personal stylist. There are a plethora of reasons to back this up. Below are a few of those.

Should I work with a personal stylist?

Reasons why you should hire a personal stylist:

Hire a personal stylist

Good style is all about expressing yourself and wearing things that make you feel like you, regardless of what the latest fashion trends are. When you work with a personal stylist they will help you discover what your desired style is and how to bridge the gap from your current style. You will be equipped with the knowledge to know at a glance whether or not a garment suits your unique features (coloring and body/face shape) and if it aligns with your style.

More confidence!

When you wear things that make you feel good it boosts your self-confidence. Do you remember an occasion in your life where you absolutely loved what you were wearing and how good it made you feel? Imagine feeling that every day, even in your loungewear. A personal stylist’s guidance can make this possible!

Hire a personal stylist

They will work within your budget

Personal stylists aren’t just for celebrities on the red carpet. When you hire a personal stylist one of the first things you will talk about is your goals for working together and the best way to make that happen based on your budget.

Your budget for clothes doesn’t need to be extravagant. Buying expensive clothes does not equal good style. In fact, I often find that a client’s closet is already full of amazing outfits that they just never thought to put together.

Hire a personal stylist & you’ll have a go-to style best friend

Box services like StichFix are nice but nothing beats a personal stylist. When you hire a personal stylist you gain a go-to style best friend in your life. They are there through your personal ups and downs. Whether they be career, family, or otherwise. A personal stylist’s job is to help you both look and feel your best no matter what season of life. They make sure that you are dressing in ways that align with who you are and your life goals. You’ll get a personal touch. Something a style box can’t replicate.

Ready to hire a personal stylist?

Less stress with always having something to wear

When you hire a stylist they will pass off to you some of their style tricks like capsule collection building (putting together a group of 5 or more pieces that all be mixed and matched to create lots of outfits), wardrobe auditing (taking inventory of what works and then identifying and filling in the missing gaps), and pattern mixing and matching (knowing the successful ways to wear multiple patterns at once).

These tricks will help curb that overwhelm of morning stress when it comes to getting dressed.

You will feel confident dressing for you body type

Figuring out what works best for your body shape can feel like a confusing and strenuous endeavor when you don’t have the right tools. Personal stylists are trained to analyze body shape and face shape to help you understand why certain silhouettes and patterns best flatter your unique shape.

Hire a personal stylist

You will know your best colors to wear

Like body shape, personal stylists are trained to do a color analysis of their clients. This is where we determine a client’s best colors based on their skin undertone and features.

Being a trained stylist this is probably the area I have found to be most time-saving for myself. Especially when I am online shopping and stuck between buying a dress that comes in two colors. A quick review of my color analysis instantly answers that question for me.

Less temptation to impulse buy

After working with a personal stylist you’ll be more focused when shopping since you’ll know exactly what you have and need. You will be able to determine if it is actually something that you would wear and if you already have pieces to wear with it.

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