4 Ways to Enjoy a Virtual Bay Area Trip


I come from a magical fairyland called the Bay Area. I grew up close to San Jose, California. Honestly one of the most amazing places in the world. As an adult I feel so incredibly lucky to have been close to so many wonderful things. The beach, the mountains, San Francisco (the place realized how much I was a city girl), and so many other wanderlust worthy places. It is always so lovely to go home to California. It feels like summer vacation when I do. Suffice it to say… it is VERY different from my New York life.

The other week I had a blast sharing some of my favorite ways to enjoy New York virtually. So I thought I would put together a post sharing some ways to enjoy a Virtual Bay Area Trip from home.


Growing up almost every year we would take a field trip to the Tech Museum. It was always so much fun! The Tech Museum features interactive science and technology exhibits. 

They have created a whole online program:

tech building footer

Sight see

The California coast is breathtaking. One a hot summer day you’ll likely find me strolling down one of the Santa Cruz beaches with a big scoop of lavender ice cream from Mariannes

Tony Pagliaro takes the most beautiful photos of Santa Cruz and the surrounding area. His photos capture the incredible landscapes and beaches so beautifully.
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Photo Credit: Tony Pagliaro


Jazz on the Plazz is as charming as it sounds. Every summer in the lovely little downtown of Los Gatos is a free outdoor jazz concert on Wednesday nights. It is so much fun! Everyone carts in the most incredible picnic with wine and cheese or competes for a spot on the patio at the restaurant across the street. Sadly the concerts are cancelled this summer, but luckily they have been holding virtual concerts. The archive is free to view.



No Virtual Bay Area Trip would be complete without food! Like New York there are so so many amazing places to eat in the Bay Area. Every time I come back I make a big list of everything I want to eat. The salt water taffy at Marinis compares to no other. It is the perfect balance of soft and chewy. And all the flavors are delicious. And best of all they ship via Amazon!!!