4 Glamorous Valentine’s Day Gifts for Yourself

4 Glamorous Valentine's Day Gifts for Yourself
Feel like the glamorous silver screen star you deserve to be with these 4 Valentine’s Day gifts for yourself!

The female silver screen stars of the 1920s to the 1940s were the epitome of glamour. They commanded the set with undeniable elegance. These ladies were part of what grew my love for vintage styles. It wasn’t just their beautiful ensembles of silks and satins, but their goddess like nature. I often draw on them for inspiration when I need some glamour in my life.

So many of us this year are home without a date. But I truly do not believe that being single has to be boring. Below are 4 glamorous Valentine’s Day gifts for yourself to help you feel like the silver screen goddess you deserve to be.

4 Glamorous Valentine’s Day Gifts for Yourself

1. Lipstick:

The red lip was an iconic feature for these silver screen stars. It has become my go to for most of my more upscale lewks. I just love donning that pop of bold red. It feels oh so glam.

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2. Jewelry:

Most of these ladies starred in black a white films. While it is hard to tell what exact colors they were wearing, there is no denying the sparky goodness of their jewelry à la greyscale.

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3. Lingerie:

Lingerie is not just for someone else’s enjoyment! I actually wear babydolls to bed about 50% of the time when the weather is warm. I feel like a glamorous movie star going to bed and starting my day.

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4. Gloves:

I think it is so hard to feel confident, let alone glamorous, when I am cold. I have always loved the drama of evening gloves. I adore driving gloves for this reason. They feel like fancy mittens and make me feel a bit more elegant on a frigid winter day.

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4 Glamorous Valentine's Day Gifts for Yourself

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